About Us

Atelje Arhitekture is a design studio founded 2009. in Podgorica.
We provide services for the development of major projects of architecture, landscaping and interior design, drafting and revision of technical documentation and technical construction supervision. In addition, we are also provide services regarding construction works and furnishing.

Our team aims to make better and more beautiful living space for our clients, by implementing the practical architecture, matching the real needs and wishes of the client.
What we give priority, is certainly understanding client needs.. Client needs are fundamental to set design, in the sense that the wishes of the client is treated as a starting point for the concept.
Through a good dialogue between the architect and the client, then by creating living space in nature, we create objects that becomes integral part of environment.
Therefore, it is our intention in design, to open the building to the nature, in order to make imperceptible transition between the inner and outer space, exterior and interior, by including the nature into the building, where all boundaries disappear.

Our goal is to create a living space by envisioning that we will live in that space , through observation and listening of clients needs, in order to give life to this space.


Mirko Raičević spec.sci.arh
Rade Vukčević master inženjer arhitekture<
Ivana Đurović spec.sci.arh.
Ivana Đurović spec.sci.arh.